Closing sale

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Garden Center is CLOSED

Hello Folks!

It is with deep sorrow that I announce the closing of the Garden Center at Tejas Buds.

Due to an unfortunate injury I incurred last Fall, I am unable to keep up with the daily duties of operating the garden center any longer. I was hoping for better news regarding my return to work, but my shoulder (rotator cuff) is not cooperating very well with the healing process and the other one is on the verge of tearing as well. It is a disappointing way to go out, similar to a professional athlete becoming injured in a pivotal game, but it is a necessary choice that needed to be made towards prolonging the natural use of my shoulders.

I thank everyone who has been involved with the development of the Garden Center at Tejas Buds. Family, friends, customers, suppliers, employees and even competitors have made this venture so much more rewarding than I had anticipated. Our sincerest appreciation goes out to you all.

So, what now? Well, we still have other facets of Tejas Buds that need to be managed that aren't so physically demanding. Those entities will remain open and we will continue to grow those businesses.

As for the Garden Center property, we have been searching for a party interested in continuing the operations of a Garden Center at the site and have entertained leasing the property to another unrelated business. Those attempts are still being worked through and we will see how it all plays out. Until a suitable tenant has been found, our family will continue to work the land as our personal garden and sell surplus produce as seasons allow. Though I may not be able to lift very much anymore, I will not be kept out of the dirt!

Again, many thanks for your support of the Garden Center and please continue to shop local businesses!

Happy Gardening,

Stefanie Balasubramanian
Tejas Buds, Inc.